Riley Smoke Haus

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Riley Smoke Haus

You've come to Bob & Ginnie's Riley Smoke Haus where you can find the most unique snack mix on the planet. The snack mix contains: oat bran sesame sticks, almonds, pecans, Cajun corn sticks, craisins, and Bob’s own smoked sea salt.  As Bob describes it:  crunchy, smoky, spicy, salty, and slightly sweet snack mix. 

1998 was the year Bob began to change his diet for health reasons.  In the search for something lower carb Bob used his hobbies of cooking and using a smoker to create some snacks.  After experimenting with different ingredient and woods for smoke, developed a process to make the current custom smoked RILEY Smoke Haus Snack Mix.  Along the way, our most trusted critics and fans have been our family, especially our grandchildren.  One of their favorite snacks is “Papa’s” Snack Mix! 


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